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Get Ready For The Great Start Challenge

Get Staffed Up's Great Start Challenge, a 75-day journey to a great start

GSU’s 75 Day Great Start Challenge

Starting on January 17th, Get Staffed Up is launching a special challenge that is designed to give business owners an opportunity to start the year 2022 off on the best possible foot. Our aim is to promote physical and mental health by encouraging regular exercise, improved work strategies, and proper dieting. Business owners often forget how important these different things can be for their health and work performance. In addition to promoting health inside and outside of the workplace, the Great Start Challenge will enable us to better connect with our community.  

An Outline of the Contest

The GSU Great Start Challenge is basically a series of physical and mental tasks. If participants complete these tasks as assigned, the end result will be a huge boost to physical and mental wellbeing. This boost should then have positive reverberations throughout the workplace. Participants are encouraged to spread the challenge to their coworkers, as the entire office can benefit from these critical tasks.


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    Here are the tasks:

    (1) Participants need to follow a specific diet plan for the entire 75 day period. Participants are allowed a single “cheat meal” per week.

     (2) The next task is an exercise routine. Participants need to develop an exercise plan, and exercise for at least 45 minutes, 6 times per week. This means that participants are allowed one “rest day” to relax and recuperate.

    (3) The next task is delegation. Participants need to delegate at least one thing per day for the whole 75 day period. There are no rules regarding which things may be delegated. As we’ve discussed before on our blog, delegating tasks is one of the most important skills an owner can develop, and so we’re trying to focus on this task a lot 

    (4) The next task is to read at least 10 pages of a business book per day. Along with delegation, reading is one of the best skills an owner can have. You should read the strategies implemented by other successful business owners so you can gain knowledge and wisdom.

    (5) Finally, the fifth task is an option: you can choose between 3 different selections, (a) meditate for 10 minutes, or (b) write in a journal for 10 minutes, or (c) work on your business for an extra hour. You can try rotating these options to achieve a balance. Or you can really focus on one in particular if you feel that you’d like to gain a lot of strength in one area.

    Join Us on This Amazing Journey

    Everyone at Get Staffed Up encourages you to get involved and become a participant in the GSU Great Start Challenge for 2022. Joining up for this challenge is very simple: just fill out a quick form, join our Facebook group, complete the daily challenges, post your daily progress on your own social media or within the Facebook group, and then finish the challenge to become eligible for a prize! The first prize winner will receive $1,500 and a special GSU swag bag, and 15 participants will win another prize, and all participants will receive a t-shirt!


    To learn more, visit Get Staffed Up, LLC or call us at 866-763-2452.

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