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Cut The Caffeine, Hire A VA

Cut The Caffeine Hire A VA

Friday, October 1st, was International Coffee Day, a day which many people forget to celebrate. In fact, many people are unaware that coffee is honored with its own day. On this day, we can take the time to appreciate the unique history of coffee. As well as the impact which coffee has had on society. If we just take a quick glance at our society, we won’t need much time to understand that coffee and caffeine have become a major part of our whole social fabric. Coffee in the United States in some ways resembles tea during the Victorian Era in Great Britain – it’s our national drink, a representation of our culture.

 Part of the reason we love coffee here and elsewhere around the world is because of the boost it gives drinkers through caffeine. For many people, the caffeine in coffee provides a jolt that is needed to make it through the day. While the jolt from coffee may be nice, the truth is that you can obtain an even more powerful boost by hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

 Coffee Has Come a Long Way

Not too long ago, coffee was something enjoyed by a relatively small portion of the population. There were a few daily drinkers, mostly concentrated among professionals and college students, but the habit was more niche than it was mainstream. Fast-forward to today and coffee has become so deeply interwoven into our society that we cannot imagine a world without it. On nearly every corner, we see a coffee bar – sometimes two or three on the same corner. And some coffee companies, such as Starbucks, have grown to be multinational corporate juggernauts. Suffice it to say; coffee has come a very long way.


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    The VA Power Boost

     Although the boost from coffee may seem irreplaceable, the fact is that you can benefit a whole lot more by hiring a capable virtual assistant. Today, many law firms hire virtual assistants to provide help with various tasks, including bookkeeping, marketing, social media, website management, website development, content creation, scheduling, as well as other daily duties. When you outsource these tasks, law firm owners can spend more time on other income-generating activities. The reason why this strategy works is that no efficiency or competency is lost by outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can perform these tasks just as competently as in-house staff. And VAs are typically more affordable than in-house staff, and they don’t add any clutter to the office. The end result is that virtual assistants contribute to the overall value of your firm.

    Coffee is great, and we should certainly celebrate this fine drink on International Coffee Day. But virtual assistants should be celebrated too. You can get a bigger boost from a VA.

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