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Candid Convos with Victoria Collier

Candid Convos with Victoria Collier and our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

We’re excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos; where we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. This time, our featured guest is Victoria Collier. Victoria is the head and founder of Victory Walk Coaching, the creator of the Asset and Estate Protection Law Firm, and a top-selling author. She is also a businesswoman and an expert in veterans’ benefits. 

In this episode, Victoria and Joe, the host, discuss the importance of having a clear mission in business, and in life. They start by discussing Victoria’s mission, which is to help people obtain a higher quality of life. This is why she focuses on coaching lawyers and business owners to build their assets’ value. While other business coaches help you to build and grow your business, Victoria focuses on helping you to either love your business or leave your business and walk away happy.    

The ROI of a Virtual Marketing Assistant

Victoria and Joe agree that employers need to hire people who believe in their company’s vision and mission. Setting expectations and having good communication with team members are key factors for a successful business. Furthermore, Victoria shares with Joe that she is a great believer in managing processes, instead of people. With that said, Victoria is very impressed with her Virtual Marketing Assistant from Get Staffed Up, Daniela. Daniela is a very professional, driven, and focused virtual assistant who has become one more member of Victoria’s team.

Joe wants to know Victoria’s opinion regarding her return on investment (ROI) after hiring Daniela. “I am a big believer in investing in people and hiring them sooner than you think you need them”, Victoria said. Daniela has exceeded her expectations and produced business for Victoria through her marketing efforts. She added that, from her experience, when you wait too long to hire, you end up not having the capacity to train them and onboard them properly. This is why she recommends attorneys and business owners to hire an assistant as soon as possible. Lastly, Victoria enjoys the virtual aspect of her job, and now her coaching business is 100% virtual.

How to contact Victoria Collier

Website: https://victorywalkcoaching.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/victoria-collier-coaching/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoryWalkCoaching

Watch the full episode of Candid Convos, HERE.



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