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VAs Can Improve the Nationwide Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage

The U.S. economy continues to gradually recover from the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recovery has been quite uneven, in part because of the differing regulations from state to state. On the whole, things are substantially better than they were in March or April of 2020, but the country still has a long way to go before it reaches pre-pandemic levels. One issue which has become increasingly significant is the labor shortage that exists in many parts of the country. This is really a nationwide problem, as nearly all states report a labor shortage to some extent. In this post, we will discuss how virtual assistants may be uniquely suited to assist in improving this problem.

The Labor Shortage Exists Throughout the Country

Many places throughout the nation are experiencing a significant labor shortage. Many businesses, particularly those concentrated in the service and retail sectors, are unable to find enough workers to fill their staff. In response to this problem, many businesses are having to adopt new measures which previously would have been near unthinkable. Companies are offering generous signing bonuses for entry-level positions, offering much higher starting wages, giving additional job perks, and so forth. Even with all these maneuvers, many companies report being understaffed and unable to operate at full capacity.

There are many different theories as to why this labor shortage persists given that the number of unemployed remains high. There are enough job openings to fill nearly every unemployed worker in the U.S. One theory is that the additional unemployment benefit from the federal government has inadvertently created a disincentive to seek employment. Many services and retail sector workers are making more now on state and federal unemployment than they were on their previous wages. Another theory is that many workers are simply too nervous to return to work, and so the labor shortage is at least partly a safety concern.


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    Virtual Assistants Can Improve the Shortage

    Regardless of the explanation for the labor shortage, there can be no doubt that the problem exists. In a way, virtual assistants are the ideal solution to the nationwide labor shortage problem. VAs are remote workers, and therefore they bypass any concerns about workplace safety. What’s more, VAs are relatively affordable, and so hiring a VA over an in-house staff member isn’t financially inadvisable for companies. Of course, not every firm has the option of hiring a VA. But many firms do have the ability to hire a VA instead of an in-house employee; for those firms which have the option, a VA may be the perfect solution to the current crisis. VAs are not likely to solve the problem completely, but there is reason to think that they might create a sizable dent. As long as firm owners are able to offer an acceptable wage, this should be a viable strategy.

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