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Work Smarter This Labor Day

Work Smarter this Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the most eagerly anticipated holidays of the year. It is a day that always seems to offer people a great deal of pleasure. Being right at the end of summer, consequently gives people a much-needed finale to the season. This is why people around the country do all kinds of things to celebrate this holiday. You may find that many of them take a vacation with family, and others just simply stay indoors and use the extra time to relax. In 2021, it’s safe to say that this day will be even more useful than ever as people still recover from the trauma of the coronavirus. In honor of this fantastic holiday, let’s discuss how you can celebrate this 6th of September by vowing to work smarter this Labor Day rather than harder.  

Work Smarter vs. Work Harder 

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard at least several times before: you should work smarter rather than work harder. However, what does this phrase really mean? In essence, it alludes to the fact that you should be using your brain to work more efficiently, rather than pressing yourself using the same methods to accomplish more. Think of this in terms of technology. Technology has revolutionized the way we do business because technology improves efficiency.  

Let’s use an example. Today we can send emails that transmit information from one place to another instantaneously. You can send an email from Los Angeles to New York City in just one second. This is much better than simply flying a physical letter across the continental U.S. to reach the same destination. Sending an email is more efficient than finding a faster airplane that can potentially travel the distance in a shorter period of time. Sending electronic mail is working smarter, flying a faster plane is working harder. You can use this same type of reasoning in lots of areas.


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    Work Smarter with a VA

    You can use this principle in your professional life in various ways, and what better way to do so than with a virtual assistant? A VA can help you perform many of the essential tasks in your law firm – marketing, web management, content creation, bookkeeping, general administration, and so forth. A VA can assist in these areas and allow you to pursue revenue-creating activities, such as client acquisition. If you use a VA to handle certain tasks so that you can bring in additional revenue, you may be able to significantly improve your financial condition. This is literally the definition of working smarter rather than harder. 

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