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Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, a day in which we celebrate women’s achievements, strengths, and ongoing issues. In the U.S., we’ve seen women make enormous strides in recent decades in many different areas. In past decades, certain professions were practically closed off to women. This includes medicine and law. Now, women have marched forward and have achieved parity and even overtaken men in certain fields. More and more, women’s voices are being heard, and society continues to take steps to address specifically feminine issues. Above all, on August 26 we should take the time to celebrate women’s ability to choose their own path; equal opportunity is the key, as women show the world how they are allowed to pursue whatever road they desire. 

Women Lawyers Role Models of All Ages 

 As mentioned, law is one area in which women were seldom seen in the first half of the 20th century. Women have made great strides in this field, and continue to do so. One of the best ways for women lawyers to celebrate equality is to find women role models in this field of all ages. This means finding someone both younger and older. The person should be a woman lawyer whom you admire for certain reasons. A woman like Sonia Sotomayor,  who overcame certain obstacles on her way to becoming a successful lawyer. Or perhaps someone who embodies some of the ethical principles which lawyers seek to follow such as Gloria Allred.  

 In order to encourage more women to enter the field of law, current women lawyers must set an example. By finding role models in the field, you can help to bring out the best in the next generation of women lawyers.


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     How To Be An Exemplary Woman Lawyer By Learning To Delegate

    If you’re a woman lawyer who’s running her own firm, you might also be thinking about the condition of your business on this day. There’s scarcely a better way to really celebrate equality than to push your business forward. How can this be done? At Get Staffed Up, we believe that learning to delegate is a must have skill to be the most successful you can be, and what better way to do it than with a capable virtual assistant that will not only maximize your productivity, but add value to your firm. 

    Delegating to a virtual assistant can absorb many of the most time-consuming tasks at your firm: marketing, web management, web content creation, bookkeeping, appointment management, and so forth.  Plus, virtual assistants can perform these tasks remotely without compromising any quality or efficiency. This means that you can outsource tasks and also reduce congestion in your office. Ultimately, you can use the additional time created through outsourcing to increase your bottom line. Virtual assistants can allow you to focus on client acquisition, billable hours, and other value creating things. 

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    We are all very proud of the women lawyers out there who continue to make strides and pursue excellence. And we earnestly celebrate Women’s Equality Day. If you’d like to learn more, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today. 

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