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Why Lawyers Should Help Other Lawyers

Why Lawyers Should Help Other Lawyers

Around the country, law is regarded as being among the most competitive industries. Consistent with this perception, lawyers themselves are also considered to be some of the more competitive personalities in the business world. Lawyers pay close attention to their earnings, the earnings of those around them, their earning potential, their educational background and achievements, and so forth. However, here at Get Staffed Up, LLC, we believe that lawyers should help other lawyers positively.

We may not be able to change law culture broadly, but we can move things positively. The truth is that lawyers should take the time to help other lawyers navigate the business world. And the reason for this is that, very often, this comes back around in the form of greater revenues. Those who are willing to share a bit often receive a whole lot in return.

This post will discuss why lawyers need to hire a virtual assistant to delegate certain tasks. As it turns out, this is something of a well-kept secret among law firms. But our goal here is to spread the message so that everyone can benefit.


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    Use Our Experience in Delegating to Virtual Assistants

    As most lawyers know, the business of running a law firm is very different from the practice of law. The practice of law requires study, focus, keen analytical skills, interpersonal skills, writing skills, and many other skills. Running a law firm is all about time management, client acquisition, and marketing. This is why many new law graduates have difficulty adjusting to the work culture of law firms. Law school doesn’t really teach students about the business of running (or working within) a law firm.

    When it comes to time management, few things are as helpful as a virtual assistant. A VA can provide remote help on a wide range of tasks within your firm. Delegating these tasks – such as administrative work, marketing work, content creation, etc. – will free up substantial amounts of time. Firm owners can then use this time on other, more lucrative tasks, such as client acquisition.

    Summer Time is the Best Time to Onboard

    Summer is one of the best times of the year to onboard new employees. The reason is that summer is usually the slow season for law firms. This slowdown in work allows you to take time to integrate new employees seamlessly. Even if you’re still busy in the summer, you should strongly consider onboarding a VA. Integrating a VA into your firm doesn’t take a lot of time. In fact, onboarding a VA is much easier than onboarding an in-house staff person.

    Add Virtual Assistants and Increase Performance

    The truth is that most law firms don’t hire virtual assistants because they haven’t heard of virtual assistants. And with the competitiveness which permeates law firm culture, many firms prefer to keep these assistants a secret. But we know that sharing knowledge of virtual assistants can only bring about benefits for everyone in the long run. With a virtual assistant, you can expect increased performance, lower costs, and an all-around superior organization. All you need to do is put in the initial investment.

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    Hopefully, this article represents a big step toward the ethic of lawyers helping other lawyers. To learn more about hiring a VA, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today.



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