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Email Snooze

Email Snooze

Email management is among the most challenging, time-consuming tasks of running a law firm today. Many firm owners receive hundreds – that’s right, hundreds! – of emails per day. Many of these emails are relevant and need careful consideration. Many others, however, are not critical at all and can take time away from valuable things.

To address email flooding, many firm owners turn to software programs for assistance. One common option is “email snooze.” In this post, we will discuss the reasons why firm owners should choose a virtual assistant over email snooze.

Overview of Email Snooze

The mechanics of email snooze programs are fairly simple. You start by selecting emails you identify as being a relatively low priority. Those selected emails will then be placed in a separate folder for a predetermined period of time. Then, after that time expires, the selected emails will return to the primary inbox. Then you can proceed to work through them as usual.

Importantly, emails placed in the separate “snoozed” folder are not temporarily lost. Users can still access them, but they must click directly on the snoozed folder and pull them up.


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    Why Snooze Often Fails

    Right away, we can see why a software program like this one would be appealing. On the surface, this program appears to contribute powerfully toward decluttering a person’s inbox. However, the truth requires a bit more digging to uncover. In reality, what has happened in this situation is actually just a delaying of the problem, rather than fixing it.

    When you snooze emails, you simply remove them from sight temporarily. You don’t actually sort through them and resolve them entirely. In some ways, you are actually gambling that you know the importance of every email without having to open it. Eventually, the snoozed emails will return, and you will be stuck with clutter. A better solution, as we know, is to hire a virtual assistant to provide much-needed help with email management.

    Virtual Assistants Provide Better Option

    Unlike the snooze program, a virtual assistant will actually be able to go through all your emails. Your VA can read your emails, classify them, rank them on importance, delete some of them, and so forth. Your VA can literally organize all your emails to ensure that you are never blogged down by email clutter of any sort. This is precisely the kind of thing that is really going to free up time and create value. You can use this newly freed time to pursue client acquisition or other value maximization strategies.

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    Email snoozing may seem useful, but it’s really just putting off something which will ultimately return. And clutter is something you should want to get rid of entirely. To learn more about hiring a VA for email management, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today.



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