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Doing More by Working Less

Doing More by Working Less
As many prominent businesspeople have noted, time is a very valuable commodity. Doing more by working less. The more you outsource certain tasks within your firm, the more time you will have to focus on increasing revenues. Often, law firm owners reach a plateau when they fail to effectively delegate certain tasks and focus more on client acquisition. Sometimes, firm owners fail to delegate because they believe that doing so is a cost to their company. But the truth is just the opposite. Delegating tasks to virtual assistants is actually a cost-effective solution. And the reason is that delegating tasks frees up time which allows you to maximize revenues.

In this post, we will identify and discuss ways in which you can do more by working less and the specific ways in which virtual assistants (VA) can help increase your time. Exactly how much time can be saved by delegating each task depends on your particular situation.


One function of a virtual assistant is email writing. Your VA can keep track of essential information which comes in, and then respond according to your direction. There is no risk of mismanagement because everything is approved and directed by you. Having a VA to assist with email management in this way can be very helpful. This is because managing emails can be very time-consuming.


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    Another function of a VA is to assist with appointments. Your VA can both set up and provide reminders for your appointments. Right away, most firm owners will see the huge benefit which comes with assistance in this area. Setting up and managing appointments can take up a lot of time. Most firm owners dedicate tons of mental energy to keeping track of all appointments. With a VA, this situation can be greatly improved.

    Social Media

    Managing social media accounts is another function of a virtual assistant. Your VA can take control of all your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, etc. – which can free up substantial time. Your VA can do things such as respond to messages, and friend requests, create posts, upload content, and so forth.

    Web Content & Management

    These are two huge functions of a virtual assistant. These days, creating web content and managing your website are two main tasks for your company. In order to boost your SEO, you need to regularly create web content that is of very high quality. And, you also need to ensure that your website is properly managed. Your VA can take care of both of these tasks.


    Creating marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers, can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, your VA can assist in this area too. As long as you give adequate direction, your VA can draft your marketing materials, which frees up time for you.

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    Again, exactly how much time this frees up for any given law firm owner depends on the circumstances. For some, this may free up at least a few hours per day! Everything varies according to the specifics of the situation. But, at the least, outsourcing these tasks (and others) to a VA will save you some amount of time. If you’d like to learn more, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today.


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