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8 Tips to “Delegate Your Way to Freedom℠”

8 Tips to Delegate Your Way to Freedom

Delegating tasks among your staff is a delicate art form. On the one hand, delegating work can be extremely useful, as it allows you to check off certain tasks while freeing up additional time for yourself. However, delegating work also comes with certain issues because there can be potential pitfalls when you hand off tasks to others. In this post, we will give firm owners 8 Tips to “Delegate Your Way to Freedom℠” and how to navigate this process.

  1. Give Deadlines

One mistake which people often make when delegating tasks is that they fail to communicate deadlines. Be sure to clearly communicate if you have a firm deadline to the person who is taking on the task. By simply impressing this fact upon task recipients, many disasters can be avoided.

  1. Provide Education / Training When Necessary

Depending on the task, you may need to provide additional education or training to task recipients. Again, this is another no-brainer that can prevent all sorts of unpleasant consequences. If you assign a task to someone without the proper training or background in the task area, you must ensure that you provide the training or education required to complete the task successfully.

  1. Confirm the Assignment is Understood

In many cases, tasks are delegated in a state of haste. As a result, the finer points of tasks are often not communicated properly. Consequently, recipients have a poor understanding of tasks and fail to complete the assigned tasks adequately. Make sure that everything is well understood by the recipient to avoid this mistake.


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    1. Convey Expectations on Quality

    If you have certain standards of quality which need to be met, be sure to communicate these expectations on quality clearly to recipients. Of course, you may need to have a certain level of flexibility in this area; but if you feel strongly that certain standards should be observed, you need to impress this firmly on recipients.

    1. Be Available for Follow Up Discussion

    This goes together with the points about understanding and quality. Your recipient may very likely return for a follow-up discussion about the finer points of the tasks. You need to make sure that you’re available for follow-up discussions whenever your recipient has a question about how to complete the task.

    1. Provide Additional Resources When Necessary

    In some cases, not only will you need to provide education or training, but you may also need to provide monetary resources or other resources as well. For instance, if your recipient needs a particular software program to make the task easier, giving resources for the program may be the right decision.

    1. Provide Incentives

    Remember, very often, when you delegate tasks, you may be enlarging a person’s normal workload. Keep this in mind when you delegate tasks, and be sure to provide proper incentives for hard work.

    1. Be Conscious of Existing Workloads

    This may require a bit of intuition, as employees often aren’t totally honest about such issues but try to be conscious of the existing workloads of recipients. Don’t pile on too much work, or else you risk resentment and lower quality work product.

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    Delegating tasks is truly one of the more challenging things to do in an organization. For more tips on how to “Delegate Your Way to Freedom℠”, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC by calling 866-763-2540.


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