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Ways Your VA Can Help You Coordinate Mother’s Day

Ways Your VA Can Help You Coordinate Mother’s Day

This Sunday, May 9, is Mother’s Day, one of the most essential occasions of the year. In this post, we will discuss a few ways in which your virtual assistant (VA) can help you coordinate Mother’s Day. This is a day when we all take the time to honor and celebrate our mothers. We take the time to appreciate the sacrifices our mothers have made; and the many things mothers do to keep families strong and healthy. Mother’s Day may not be a federal holiday, but that doesn’t mean that it is less critical than days such as Thanksgiving or Independence Day. This year, make the effort and creatively honor your mother.

Help You Brainstorm Ideas to Celebrate

One way in which your VA can assist you is by brainstorming ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. As mentioned, you should take the time to think outside the box and develop a creative approach to honoring and celebrating your mother. Your VA can be a big help in this area; use your VA as a sounding board for ideas, and encourage your VA to develop new ideas on his/ her own. The more input and discussion the better.


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    Communicate with Other Parties

    Perhaps the primary way in which your virtual assistant can assist is in the area of communicating with other parties. Your VA can be the facilitator and communication hub when it comes to talking with the other people who will make your Mother’s Day celebration a reality. For instance, suppose you want to buy a bunch of flowers, a coupon for a spa, and a gift certificate to a top-star restaurant. Or, suppose you want to arrange for an all-expenses-paid vacation. Your VA can communicate with the vendors and other parties to ensure everything goes smoothly. Coordinating with multiple vendors can be tricky, especially when you’re still busy with the day-to-day operations of running your firm. This is where your VA can be useful.

    Remind You & Others in Your Firm

    Finally, your virtual assistant (VA) can help you coordinate Mother’s Day, by reminding you of the date, and other deadlines which have to be met for you to accomplish the things you want to do. Your VA can remind you to pick up gift certificates, mail flowers, or do the other things you plan to do for Mother’s Day. In short, use your VA to ease the burden while you juggle your daily activities.

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