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Candid Convos with Debra A. Whitson

Candid Convos with Debra A. Whitson and our Brand Ambassador, Alina Lopez.

We are more than happy to share with you a brand-new episode of Candid Convos with this week’s special guest, Debra A. Whitson. As you may know we invite our clients to share with us their personal experiences with GSU virtual assistants. It is a non-scripted interview, where they freely share testimonials of their time with virtual staff so far.

As mentioned before, this week’s honorable guest client is Debra Whitson. She is the founder of The Whitson Law Firm, located in New York. They specialize in matrimonial and family law, as well as mediation and collaborative divorce. 

As a Get Staffed Up client, Debra has on her team a virtual administrative assistant named Karlien. Karlien works remotely from her home. Debra shared some of the tasks she delegates to Karlien, who works mainly as an executive assistant. Karlien manages Debra’s inbox and calendar, handles client phone calls, and schedules meetings. She also notifies clients about the meeting details and sends reminders. Karlien has also been delegated the business’s social media management, as well as the firm’s newsletters and blogs. 

“She’s just an integral part of the team. She’s been amazing to have onboard. “ – Debra A. Whitson

Debra assured that the work relationship with Karlien has been more than satisfactory. As a virtual staffer, Karlien was described by Debra as being very trustworthy, pleasant, and energetic. Debra added that Karlien has been a natural fit for the team, with a smile on her face. 

“She’s invaluable to me. I don’t know how I ever got along without her, and how will I ever get along if we didn’t keep this work relationship going.” – Debra A. Whitson

Debra shared with Alina that Karlien has brought added value to The Whitson Law firm. She stated this by adding that her virtual staffer is very self-directed and enjoys taking on new challenges.

During the interview, Alina addressed the time difference situation, to which Debra mentioned she had no trouble at all. The difference in time zones has been seamless for them. 

“She’s always available to us during our business hours. It seems like Karlien could be down the street, but she’s in another country.” – Debra A. Whitson

Before the interview ended, Debra took the time to recommend the Get Staffed up services to all the business owners out there who are looking for virtual assistance, so they can delegate their way to freedom.

Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below! And also, if you want to maximize your efficiency with an international virtual assistant working full-time for your firm, CLICK HERE.



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