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Candid Convos with Kweku Darfoor

Candid Convos with Kweku Darfoor and our Brand Ambassador, Alina Lopez.

We are more than happy to share with you a brand-new episode of Candid Convos with our special guest Kweku Darfoor. In this section we like to interview Get Staffed Up clients, who are mainly lawyers and business owners. We get a closer look at their professional career and firm, but the main topic is their experience with their GSU virtual assistants. It’s a non-scripted, less than 20 minute interview where we listen to their real testimonials on how the work relationship with their staffers has been so far.

In this edition, we welcome Kweku Darfoor, owner and founder of the Darfoor Law Firm PA. Kweku had a background in sales before entering the legal field. He started practicing without working as a lawyer for anyone else. As a part of his professional accolades, he holds a Juris Doctor Degree and a Master of Business Administration. Thanks to his vast experience, Kweku assures that having a team that supports you is key for success. 

“Anything with a team is better! The way to grow is to scale, and to scale you need resources in terms of people.” – Kweku Darfoor

Under this topic, Kweku proceeded to share his experience so far with Dave, his Get Staffed Up staffer. He has been a part of the Darfoor Law firm’s team since 2019 as a virtual clerical assistant. During the interview, Kweku shared some of Dave’s daily tasks and positive feedback about his performance on said activities.

“The experience has been absolutely cost effective! I need to get two or three more Daves actually!” – Kweku Darfoor

Kweku assured Dave’s work performance has presented an added value to his firm. He stated that he fervently recommends Get Staffed Up’s services as support for any law firm or business owner. During the interview, Kweku also shared his optimistic perception about the remote working situation with his virtual assistant. 

“Some people are hesitant because they don’t see the person face to face, but I don’t have a problem with that. I think that remote working is going to be the way of the future anyway.” – Kweku Darfoor

Watch the complete episode of Candid Convos below! And also, if you want to maximize your efficiency with an international virtual assistant working full-time for your firm, CLICK HERE.



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