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3 Fun Ways To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, the first Friday of March is National Employee Appreciation Day! This day is meant to praise employees all over America. It was created to focus the employers’ attention on the recognition of their teams. And of course, your virtual assistants (Staffers) are a huge part of your team!

To keep your business among the top competitors, it is essential to find new and more creative ways to increase productivity, generate commitment, capture incredible talent and be able to retain it. One way to do it is by recognizing your employees. According to the authors of “Profit From the Positive”, leaders who recognize and motivate their employees, have a 42% higher productivity rate than those who do not.

We would love to share with you 3 fun ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.

1. Send a personal card via email

Gallup (2016) states in his article “Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact”, for Business Journal, that the highest performing collaborators need to know that their efforts are recognized and valued and that economic remuneration is not the only, and even, not the best way in which a collaborator feels really recognized. So, it is a good idea to send a personal email thanking your employee for their performance, pointing out their strengths and specific things they have excelled at and achieved in the last quarter. Let them know how much you value their part of your team and their part of your success.

Remember, the more positive emotions a person feels, the greater their ability to learn, focus on solutions, and be creative. All this happens through a cascade of neurotransmitters that are triggered in our brains every time we feel these kinds of emotions.


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    2. Send a bonus or a gift

    You can also send, with your personal email, a cash bonus or a gift attached. Gifts can be intangible or tangible and they can be around the budget you’d like to be. Some of the next ideas are free:

    Intangible gift ideas: A day off, online courses or professional development workshops, shoutouts in your social media channels, permission to work on a personal project during office hours, your mentorship… On the other hand, here are some tangible gift ideas: A company swag box, a gift card from an online store, event tickets, a subscription to an app (i.e. Audible), tech gadgets, etc.

    3. Host an office party

    Whether it is in-house or virtual, you can plan an office party at lunchtime, for example. You could perhaps share a meal (coffee, drinks, etc.) with your team and thank them for their efforts. Another option can be to prepare games or team-building activities to create stronger bonds and get to know even more about each team member. Also, you could use tools like Zoom, to create the virtual party, and Kahoot, a platform where you can easily create fun games and quizzes with a free account.

    These are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. There are plenty of other ways you can recognize your team members to boost their motivation and productivity. Some ideas will require more time and money than others. If you’d like more ideas, reach out to Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-5699.

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