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Virtual Team-Building Activities: Increase Morale with Your Remote Team

Virtual Team-Building Activities: Increase Morale with Your Remote Team

Team-building activities can be among the most positive things for your company. Team-building activities can increase morale, build trust and cohesion, and improve productivity. In a law firm setting, morale is all-important; as we know, law consists of many deadlines, dates, schedules, and appointments, and you need to be sure that you have a motivated staff that is capable of dealing with these things consistently. If your staff has low morale, you may find that they don’t meet deadlines as easily as they could.

If you want to increase morale and potentially improve company productivity, the good news is that you have options to choose from when it comes to team-building activities. This is true even for those companies which have virtual employees. Here are several good ideas for virtual team-building activities that can accommodate both in-house and remote employees.

Virtual Office Party

This one is a classic. With current technology, your remote workers can join in via webcam and participate in a virtual office party! The office party can feature any number of fun and exciting things. You can encourage employees to have drinks, play games, or engage in fun conversation. This can be a great way to really break the ice and facilitate excellent collaboration between your employees.


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    Virtual Karaoke

    This is another fun idea that can easily accommodate virtual assistants. As long as you obtain a karaoke machine or download the software, you can set up a karaoke party and have your virtual employees sing along with the rest of the company. Singing can always be a little nerve-wracking – especially in front of office coworkers! – and so you may want to provide free drinks too!

    Virtual Dance Party

    Once again, modern technology allows this idea to take place just as easily as the previous ones. If you set up a simple Bluetooth speaker and add a music account, you can host a dance party and include your virtual assistants! There are so many different fun games you can play or ways to stage the event. Perhaps you can let employees choose their favorite song and then have a “dance-off” competition! The possibilities are endless. No matter how you go about it, a virtual dance party will almost certainly be a great method for building a better team environment.

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    These are just a few ideas for virtual team-building activities to choose from. There are plenty of other ways you can build your team and enhance employee morale. Some ideas will require more time and money than others. As with so many things, the more you invest, the more you can expect in return. If you’d like more ideas, or if you’re interested in adding a virtual assistant to your firm, reach out to Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-5699. Also, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletters HERE.

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