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3 Tips to Avoid High Turnover Problems in Your Business

3 Tips to Avoid High Turnover Problems in Your Business

One of the most recurring problems encountered by law firms is high turnover among associates and professional staff. High turnover is not only common, it is also very costly. The process of interviewing and hiring new candidates is both time-consuming and expensive. When a new employee drops out quickly, this forces firms to expend more time and resources on the same position. High turnover can also detract from other areas of the business as managers have to cut back on other, more lucrative activities. The opportunity costs of high turnover can be very high. In this blog, we’re going to share 3 tips to avoid high turnover problems in your business. These won’t necessarily solve the problem 100%, but they can be a great start.

#1: Screen Candidates Carefully

The first tip is more or less intuitive: when screening new candidates for a position, take your time and go through the process slowly. Firms often run into issues because they simply fail to screen their candidates fully. This leads to firms hiring someone who isn’t really a good fit, even if that person may have seemed like a good fit after a superficial review. Remember, you don’t have to follow any particular timeline when you hire someone. The most important thing is that you find the right person.


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    #2: Outsource Your Hiring Decisions

    The second tip is that you can outsource your hiring decision to another firm. Although this strategy will come with an up-front cost, that cost can easily be outweighed by the benefits of finding the right candidate for the job. Staffing firms specialize in recruiting quality candidates; they are trained to select candidates who have a high likelihood of success. Law firm owners may be experts in their field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experts at recruiting or hiring. In some cases, the best strategy may be to simply put the task in someone else’s hands.

    #3: Hire Offshore Virtual Assistants

    If you’re hiring for an entry-level type position – administrative assistant, receptionist, marketing assistant, etc. – you may want to hire an offshore virtual assistant (VA). In most firms, high turnover is most common with entry-level positions. Hiring offshore VA’s can be an excellent way to eliminate turnover for these kinds of roles within your company. In most cases, offshore VA’s will bring the same or even greater productivity for a given position. Plus, they will typically be a bit less expensive when it comes to salary. All this means that you may be able to solve your turnover problem in a very cost-effective manner.

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    We covered 3 tips to avoid high turnover problems in your business. However, if you’d like help reducing your heavy turnover problem, give Get Staffed Up, LLC a call today. GSU may be a great resource because we can combine tips #2 and #3 in one stop; we can locate quality candidates for certain positions, and those candidates may be offshore in some cases. Get in touch with us today at 866-763-4405 to learn more.

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