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How to Prepare Your Business to Onboard an Offshore Virtual Assistant

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Onboarding an offshore virtual assistant is an easy task. There is no reason why onboarding a new employee needs to be a headache; as long as you take the necessary steps, the onboarding process can run smoothly. To prepare your business to onboard an offshore virtual assistant you just have to take into consideration: software & equipment, task delegation, and communication & reviews.

Software & Equipment

One of the earliest steps to take in the onboarding process is to prepare the necessary software and equipment for your new employee. The exact software and equipment will depend to some extent on which kind of assistant you have hired. If you’ve hired an accounting assistant, for example, then you will want to give your assistant access to any existing accounting software, or prepare new accounting software. You will also want to make sure that your new employee has the right equipment; in some cases, this may involve providing a company laptop, printer or other hardware. When you make your hiring decision, create a list of the software and equipment your new employee will need and then begin collecting and distributing these items.

Task Delegation

Another step you will need to take is determining how to delegate tasks to your new employee. In general, the best approach is to start simple and then assign more complex tasks in a gradual manner. Depending on the situation, however, you may begin by assigning more complex tasks right away; this may be the case when you hire someone with more advanced training in a particular area. If you hire an offshore marketing specialist with a solid background in paid SEO, for instance, you may be able to assign relatively complex SEO tasks immediately. As with everything, you will need to assess the situation and then develop a strategy for assigning tasks accordingly.


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    Communication & Reviews

    Another key aspect of the onboarding process is to develop strong communication and reviews of your new employee. This means you will need to implement a routine for establishing regular communication and periodic reviews of your employee’s performance. As a general principle, the more communication between you and your new assistant, the better; you should communicate clearly your ideas and expectations, and check in frequently to ensure that your new assistant is proceeding according to plan. Set up weekly or bi-weekly performance reviews to ensure that tasks are being completed in a satisfactory manner.

    In some ways, communicating and reviewing your new assistant is a bit of an art form; there is no perfect formula which will ensure everything works out well. If you communicate too often, for instance, you may overwhelm your new hire and this may have a very negative effect. However, if you communicate too infrequently, this may also hurt your company. The key is find a balance, and that can take time, and also means paying close attention to the characteristics of your new assistant.

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    Onboarding a new hire can be challenging, but you shouldn’t let this process overwhelm you or other members of your firm. If you would like to learn more on how to prepare your business to onboard an offshore virtual assistant, please reach out to Get Staffed Up, LLC today. Give us a call at 866-763-2540 and we will be happy to assist you.

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