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30 Ways Your Assistant Can Help You This Holiday Season

Ways Your Assistant Can Help You This Holiday Season

The holiday season gives us an amazing opportunity to express affection to your employees, family, and friends. You can take time and carefully pick out gifts for your family and friends and also give back to your employees. However, given how busy the holiday season can be, you may also need to ask a lot from your employees in order to keep up with the demands of your business. If you’re a law firm owner, you may have lots of new cases to take on, and that means heavy demands in terms of time and effort. Here is a list of 30 ways that your virtual assistant can help you during this holiday season. Although 30 ways may seem like a lot, remember that this is an incomplete list – there are still more things that could be done!

30 Ways Your Assistant Can Help

Your virtual assistant can provide help in 4 key areas: administration, content creation, marketing, and customer service. Within these 4 primary areas, here are 30 specific tasks which your assistant can help with:

  1. Basic legal research (cases, legal history, etc.)

  2. Booking travel accommodations

  3. Event planning

  4. Assistance with basic bookkeeping tasks

  5. Scheduling appointments and calendar management

  6. Taking notes during meetings

  7. Answering phone calls from clients

  8. Sending emails to clients

  9. Creating blog content

  10. Creating company newsletters

  11. Assistance with PowerPoint Presentations

  12. Creating social media accounts

  13. Social media advertising

  14. Interacting with commenters on social media

  15. Creating social media posts

  16. Document management (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive)

  17. Installing WordPress plugins

  18. Basic website management

  19. Creating website pages

  20. Telemarketing / Cold calling

  21. Cold emailing

  22. Basic project management

  23. Create YouTube channel

  24. Create YouTube videos

  25. Moderate YouTube comments

  26. Produce Google analytics reports

  27. Produce basic financial reports

  28. Basic analysis of financial reports

  29. Create webinar events

  30. Edit PDFs 


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    Again, this is not an exhaustive list of ways your assistant can help you this holiday season. Believe it or not, your virtual assistant can help with plenty of other tasks as well! However, if your assistant can help you with these things during the holiday season, this should do a lot to reduce pressure and keep up with your workload. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a virtual assistant, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-2540. Also, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletters HERE.

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