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Legal Mastermind Podcast


A blue back ground with the tittle Legal Mastermind Podcast featuring Chase Williams and Ryan Klein. In the image there are 3 images, the first on is Brett Trembley wearing a suit, white shirt, blue tie next to the GSU Logo and a grey Background. In the right there is Chase Williams in an office wearing glasses and a dark gray shirt and next to him is Ryan Klein smiling , wearing a blue shirt while crossing his arms.

On September 14, 2020, we had the privilege of being the featured guest on the Legal Mastermind podcast hosted by Chase Williams and Ryan Klein. They are not attorneys but they own Market My Market, one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States. The podcast focuses on tips and tactics for law firms and lawyers to grow and manage their law firm. The hosts sit down with experts in the legal community to discuss marketing, branding, intake and more.

In this episode, Brett, Chase, and Ryan talk about utilizing virtual staff as part of your growth strategy, the right staffing matrix with in-house and virtual employees, and what kind of tasks you can hire a full-time virtual assistant (VA) to do. They discuss the importance of delegating and learning how to get rid of the things that you’re either not good at or that you do not want to do. And, of course, Brett hammers home that Get Staffed Up helps lawyers (and other entrepreneurs) learn how to delegate their way to freedom.

It is important to plan for what you are going to delegate and how you are going to check in on the process. You have to have a very thought-out plan for how you are going to give your employees feedback. You want to have check-in points throughout the week but one meeting per week – block out 90 minutes per week to work with your virtual assistant. You can read about how to choose what to delegate HERE and how to delegate tasks efficiently and effectively HERE.

You can listen to the “Legal Mastermind” Podcast HERE.

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