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If You Need a New Team Member Today, You Should Have Started the Process 4 Weeks Ago (At Least)

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That’s right, if you need a new team member today, you should have started at least four (4) weeks to hire someone good.  Sure, you can find a new receptionist or secretary on short notice, but outside of striking gold, the quality will be extremely poor. 

Unless you’re always hiring (business with over 25 employees are likely to have at least one job ad active at any given time), it takes at least four weeks to craft a good ad that will attract top talent, to disseminate the ad through various media channels, to create a good screening system so you don’t waste your time in resume abyss, to coordinate interviews, to craft quizzes, to actually conduct the interviews (no shows, anyone?), to making a decision, to making the hire, to setting a start date. 

Sound exhausting?  When done correctly, it should be.  Hence why the hidden costs of hiring is actually about $5,000.00.  Read more about the hidden costs of hiring HERE.

The FIRST MAIN point we’d like to make is that your team is everything, and you shouldn’t skimp on doing it the right way.  If you’re lazy with hiring and you’re “too busy” to do it the right way, then your competitor down the street will have that friendly receptionist everyone wants to speak with, the paralegal that always organized and proactive, and the associate that rocks. 

Your team is a reflection of you, as the leader.  We’re constantly amazed at how many people we speak with say “but can your Marketing Virtual Assistant just run my entire marketing department?  I don’t have time to train them.”  First of all, the answer is no.  Abdicating your marketing is a terrible idea.  Second of all, saying you don’t have time is designed to protect your own ego.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and many law firm owners have either created robust training systems or have outsourced their onboarding needs.  

We argue that there is no more important task as a business owner than recruiting the best team.  Even Michael Jordan needed a coach, and he doesn’t win any championships without a well-trained and coached supporting cast. 

The SECOND MAIN point we’d offer is that your entire recruitment process is a reflection of you and your firm.  Do you think the best employees want to work for a firm without any training systems in place?  You don’t think they notice how organized (or unorganized) you are during the interview process?  You don’t think they know if you have put thought and effort into hiring the best team?  You don’t think they want to work for a firm (and boss) who will put in the same amount of careful thought into all other areas of the business, so that they know their job is safe because they work for a first-class firm?  The saying goes, how you do one thing is how you do everything, and it’s absolutely true.  Complaining about “millennials” or a lack of talent in the workplace is another ego protector, and it will hold you back.  Great people are out there.  You just have to win the war for talent.

While we can’t help you find a rockstar associate or top-notch paralegal (yet, that is), we can help you find a full-time, incredibly talented Administrative Virtual Assistant, Receptionist/Intake Virtual Assistant, or Marketing Virtual Assistant.  Our lives are dedicated to our sourcing, recruiting and hiring processes, so that we find the absolute best talent for our clients.  Add in the fact that they’re 50-60% less expensive than a domestic employee, and that we handle all HR issues, and we have a no-lose situation.  

So, yes, you can’t go back in time to four weeks ago and start the hiring process.  But if you need someone soon, you can start today (contact us HERE).  It’s time to stop telling yourself that you’re too busy to be efficient and focus on the parts of your business that really matter.  Also, you can subscribe to our mailing list HERE.

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