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We’re a big believer in the mindset of getting more help, and getting it now. And why not hiring a virtual assistant? Making the decision to delegate tasks you (1) hate, (2) aren’t good at, or (3) don’t make you a lot of money, is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Quite sincerely, just that one decision can help you live the life you want someday while someone else will still be working by themselves 5 years from now, almost exactly as they are today.

Also, being overly cheap or frugal has a worse effect on your own growth than you would think, while having an abundance mindset opens you up to all kinds of possibilities. We’ll write more on this another time.

HOWEVER, and yes we’re emphasizing this with capital letters, just because you have decided to grow and have an abundant mindset doesn’t mean you should be wasteful. I have said in the past “every time I spend money on a workshop, I make more money”. But wasting money is another story.  Spending all the money you make leads to stress. Dumping all of your revenue back into the business leads to anxiety. Having such small margins that you’re burning the candle at both ends leads to burnout. So, the answer, like always, lies somewhere in the middle – have an abundant mindset, but don’t spend money just to spend money. Be prudent.  

Which leads us to the point of this blog. There are companies peddling domestic virtual assistants for a whopping $45.00 an hour, equivalent to a $93,600.00 a year salary. Yikes. No wonder why business owners always pay themselves last and can never get ahead. I won’t “belay-bor” the point, but you may already know companies like this.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever made less than this yourself as an attorney or business owner (I’d venture to say every hand went up, including mine). You don’t even pay your legal assistants this much, or your paralegals, and for the most part, your junior attorneys. I mean, double yikes.  

Even if you’re paying for chunks of time and choose a $45/hour V.A. for 10 hours per week, annually you will still shelve out $23,600.00. Our highest-priced full-time staffer is about this much. Worse yet, companies pushing extremely part-time virtual assistants are doing you a disservice. First off, how productive can someone really be working only 10 hours a week? How can they learn your systems and procedures when they’re also working for three other firms. And what can they do for you in that time? Book dinner? Were all about delegating, but not when the scale tips and it costs you more money in loss of productivity. Second, while there are certainly parts of your business you can and should fraction out, such as bookkeeping, a personal or administrative assistant isn’t one of them.  

What you can get for $45

Domestic Companies vs. Get Staffed Up

For the price of ONE $45/hour person at just ten hours a week, you can get a full-time, dynamic and incredible virtual assistant through us. For the price of a full-time VA at $45/hour, you can get FOUR, full-time, incredible staffers through us.

Finally – we’ll put our virtual assistants up against anybody. We’re not finding mediocre talent at bargain-level prices. We find the best of the best overseas and pay them handsomely for their market.

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